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Introducing our Jade Handcrafted Gemstone Stretch Bracelet, a stunning women's jewelry piece that's sure to catch the eye. This gemstone wrap stretch bracelet features a beautiful combination of orange and green gemstones, including jade, carnelian, citrine, and pearls. The addition of sandalwood beads, tiger's eye, and hematite beads adds depth and texture to this already gorgeous piece. With enough length to generously wrap around your wrist 5 times, this piece can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace, making this a 'must-have accessory' to enhance every wardrobe. Elevate your style and add a touch of elegance to any outfit with our Jade Gemstone Stretch Bracelet.


Measures 36" | Artisan Crafted | USA Free Ship

Jade Handcrafted Gemstone Stretch Bracelet | Artisan Jewelry for Women

SKU: BS007
  • I create and handcraft each piece with love and care for Carol Custom Design. These artisan style jewelry pieces are all very special as each piece is handcrafted. I choose the very best quality real semi-precious gemstones for the price. I incorporate silver-plated, silver-filled, 14k Gold-filled, gold plated metals over brass into my work. You will find I've included hematite and pyrite accent metals for added sparkle and interest.

    Choose your favorite piece to take home today and enhance your wardrobe and sense of joy as you saunter through you days!

    Please DM @ 561.325.9735 or give me a call if you have a query!


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