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Pancreas and the Solar Plexus Chakra Connection

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Pancreas and the Solar Plexus Connection

The location of the pancreas gland is just behind and above the navel area and below the sternum. Spiritually and energetically the pancreas gland is associated with the solar plexus as it is located in the stomach region. So this makes for an easy alignment to your pancreas gland health.

What does the pancreas gland do?

2 important functions that this organ provides. An exocrine function that aids in digestion, releasing enzymes to partially digested food particles. And an endocrine function that regulates blood sugar. Think energy metabolism.

Manipura in Sanskrit

Manipura translates to ‘lustrous gem.’ Known as a fire element, the third chakra on the energy wheel, the color yellow is associated with this powerful chakra. Qualities associated with the solar plexus is the power and autonomy of metabolism.

This area connects the seat of your power, the digestive fire that regulates functions for processing the energy food intake. This giving you the highs and lows with blood sugar regulation. You experience this when you feel a sugar rush or your energy drops. Think eating a bowl of pasta, (starchy foods), feeling a burst of energy, then you feel tired and sleepy, perhaps even irritable. So invite foods that cleanse and balance your pancreas for balance of energy.

Location: Stomach region Colors: Yellow and Golden Element: Fire

The Solar Plexus Chakra is physically associated with the stomach region, the energy space that influences the pancreas gland.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” Proverbs 31:25

Foster Self-confidence

Seek balance in your solar plexus to avoid insecure thoughts and or attention hogging behavior. Overly sensitive to comments and indecision may stem from not having your solar plexus activated and balanced. When your solar plexus chakra is properly balanced, you will feel self-confident and secure. Be at peace with yourself, your emotions, and your surroundings. You will feel at home in your place in the universe. Translating your intentions and desires by manifestation with affirmations you set forth, learn to gain control of the seat of your power.

- Create Better Flow in your Solar Plexus -

Use the seed mantra ‘RAM’.

Set your affirmations.

Reverse negative thought patterns. Foster a more positive mindset.

'I am responsible for all decisions I make'

'I will do a small act of kindness today'

'I own my power and recognize my strength'

'I am at peace and confident in my journey'

Activate and Preserve your Pancreas Gland

Get your pancreas gland to perform at optimum peak. With yellow being the energy color of the solar plexus, find sunny spots to charge your day. Exercise with heat building yoga poses. Spend the day at the beach! Surround yourself with warmth and heat.

Do your part and eat your way to a cleansed pancreas gland and well-balanced solar plexus. It’s easy! Firstly tap into foods of the yellow color. Vitamin C is a big proponent of this gland. From lemons, to yellow peppers to grapefruits, one can only improve with this in your diet. Add powerful blueberries, cruciferous veggies and mushrooms for cleansing your pancreas. Bring inflammation down also with ginger and oregano the herb or medicinal oil.

Gemstones to include for activating your Solar Plexus Chakra

If you are a fan of crystals and enjoy the uplifting energy they possess, consider some of these to add to your wheelhouse. I love citrine, amber, and yellow jasper for starters. You can bring in the ever perfect pearl, lemon quartz and tiger’s eye. Choose any of these to highlight your day and focus on your intention and affirmations to bring you closer to your inner strength.

A go-to stone that ramps up manifestation and imagination. This crystal clears the mind and helps transform dreams into reality. Awakens hidden talents so that you can attract wisdom, wealth, and success.

A facilitator of clear thinking, self-confidence, and creative expression. Purging negative energy and helps to release toxic relationships that can drain you. A protector of your journey gemstone.

Yellow Jasper

A stone that enhances self-confidence and personal relationships. Historically, scholars and scientists have used it to maintain a clear and focused mind.

A classic gemstone that symbolizes personal integrity and provides focus and clarity. This is why it is known as the “stone of sincerity.” The pearl gemstone brings truth and loyalty to a passionate cause and inhibits aggressive behavior. Celebrate joy and happiness with this goddess gemstone.

A heat treated gemstone of amethyst that amplifies ones thoughts and knowledge. Strengthen self-confidence and build courage as you can foster the ability to understand and aggregate problem solving more quickly.

Tiger’s Eye

A classic gemstone that symbolizes protection to the wearer. Build your self-confidence with tiger’s eye in your wheelhouse. Gain mental clarity and stay focused on the ‘big picture’ and your prize!

So there you have it! The pancreas gland and solar plexus connection. Fun ways to build a stronger more confident you!

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